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“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”
—William Faulkner

Our organization is the International Order of Freedom. IOOF was formed in 2002 as a not-for-profit foundation with a charter and bylaws. Its operation is governed by the Board of Trustees.

The benevolent cause of IOOF is to advocate and promote freedom in its many forms: freedom of expression, freedom of religion, free commerce, and free trade. We are devoted to promoting and defending the principles of the free society: individual sovereignty, economic liberty, freedom and basic human rights.

IOOF provides shelter protection from governmental interference under the principles of freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom of speech. Members of IOOF collectively make-up an "international order" of believers of free trade, including the free exchange of ideas and ideals. 

The FreeTraders Exchange is a network of freetraders conducting unrestricted free trade, completely free of governmental restrictions. If a member of our societal order wishes to exchange value for value with another member, he is free to do so without governmental tariffs, quotas, subsidies, prohibitions, fees, or transactional taxation. 

The trading exchange is operated by members. Transaction fees acrue to the benefit of members with a portion allocated to charitable causes.

The FreeTraders service is suspended pending integration with blockchain protocol networking technologies to be known as the Interstellar Trading Network.

The blockchain version of ITN is under development. The target date to go live on the Interstellar Trading Network is 5.04.19.

Membership is open globally to any individual or organization who will agree to our principles as outlined in the member pledge and terms of agreement. Each member is free to use a trade name for trading. Any violation of terms of agreement will result in immediate expulsion from membership.

All members have the right to expect complete privacy and security of their personal information and transactional data. All such information belongs to each individual member and is maintained on the distributed ledger/database in encrypted format.

Our decentralized network is designed to be private, secure, and reliable offering shelter protection from intrusive actors with nefarious purposes, including out-of-control governments. Virtual private networks, VPN's, offer network access in restrictive jurisdictions. Secured communications in the form of encrypted messaging provides an added layer of security.

Members have access to a variety of services all designed to offer freedom from the ever-growing overreach of corporations, governments, and black hat actors usurping basic individual human rights to privacy.

Members exchange resources in the charitable pursuit of our cause to the benefit of our members. All members agree to transact according to the principles of honesty and fairness.

Members agree to value anything they offer in a fair manner enabling an environment of trust. Members transact not with a profit motive, but with a charitable motive of sharing value and resources. Everyone has something of value to offer, value for value.

There is a fee for each transaction on the network. This fee is actually a donation to IOOF for operation of the network to benefit members, for the shelter sanctuary protection of the church, and to fund our charitable activities. This fee is .0045% per transaction
(45 cents per $100 of value) for each member exchanging value in a transaction. 

Transaction fees are to be utilized as payment to network operators with a portion allocated to fund the operations of FreeTraders and the charitable activities of IOOF. 

Membership is free, however our users will need to buy tokens for use in trading transactions. The minimum starting balance is 20 FTx tokens. Each FTx token equals one euro. If Euro = $1.25 USD, 20 tokens is $16.00 US dollars. For conversions to other fiat currencies, use fx cross rates to euro, such as, GBP/EUR.

IOOF provides privacy protection “in the cloud”. When members exchange value on the Interstellar Trading Network, they are transacting freely “in the cloud” in cyberspace without national borders under the protection of their rights to assemble and to pursue the principles of economic and religious freedom.

IOOF offers a shelter sanctuary to those displaced from economic freedom. As a shelter, we protect, shield, and defend. As a sanctuary, we are a refuge, safe harbor or safe haven. We are a place of safety offering freedom of associaiton, free speech, free commerce and free trade.