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F r e e T r a d e r s   eXchange [ FTX ]

Interstellar Trading Network 


Members Exchange Value for Value

FreeTraders eXchange FTX

The free exchange of goods, services, currencies, ideas & intellectual property
Members Exchange Value for Value

Asset Trading Exchange
Open Ideas Exchange
Trading Tokens
Cryptocurrency Exchange

FreeTraders Exchange

Exchange of Any Asset, Privately, Securely

Private, Secure Network

Access to the ITN network is via virtual private networks (VPN's). This gives private client interface access from even restrictive jusrisdicitons
Every member is a node on the network for intermediary file usage and storage on the Inter Planetary File System.

Think of it as a cloud service where you are part of the cloud and bits of files are stored on all user's computers.

Easy Access Simple to Use

Services are designed for easy acess and easy operation. 
No technical skills required.

Services are accesible with mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets. You don't have to sit at a computer to access services.


Open Ideas Exchange

FreeTraders offers a variety of services that include trading of information, ideas, articles, documents, processes, video, or virtually any asset.

Developers can trade code modules, blocks, flowcharts, stacks or apps.

Payment may be in the form of freedom coins, or trade code for code, value for value.

Micro transactions allow for exchange of any file or bit of information.

User-Defined Trade Groups

FreeTraders gives you the freedom to form as many groups as you like. These can be regional areas or groups for specific trade types.

Setup your own group for your city, state, or region.

Cryptocurrency Information
(FTX Token Contracts)
FTX. FTx. Frc.

- cryp·to·cur·ren·cy -
noun -A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. 

Our crypto coins are exchanged for value. They are token contracts written to the ledger on the Stellar blockchain. They do not trade on external exchanges so they are a stable store of value. They are traded between members on our exchange. 

Other cryptocurrencies can be converted to FTX providing a stable alternative to volatile crypto trading environments. Members convert FTX/FTx/Frc to and from national fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

FTX transactions are logged to the distributed ledger. Secure crypto wallets provide easy access to account balances ensuring safe storage. 
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(FTX) token

1 FTX = 5 euros

If 1 euro = $1.10 USD
1 FTX = $5.50 USD


(FTx) token

1 FTX = 1 euro

If 1 euro = $1.10 USD
1 FTx = $1.10 USD


COIN (Frc)

1 Frc = $.0404 US
(micro payments)


1 (FTx) Minted
non-micro transaction






Interstellar Trading Network  -[ITN]

Each Member is a Star on the Network

Exchange between members is interstellar utilizing bockchain protocols. Transactions are logged to the distributed ledger on the Interstellar Trading Network. Intermediary files and metadata are stored on the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS). 

“We’re writing a big piece of human history that will determine how we live. What we’re building now is the new economy of what will soon become interstellar. It’s a natural continuation of the money revolution. -Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro  

We're Looking for Software Talent:

Application Developers
Full Stack Web Developers
Blockchain Developers
Stellar Network Integrator
Develpment Team Manager

FreeTraders Exchange Developers Team
We are building a developers team to implement the blockchain version of FreeTraders eXchange on ITN ®
Programmers who can invest a portion of their time to the project with payment in cryptocurrency FTX are encouraged to drop us a note outlining your skill set.

Target Launch Countdown

FreeTraders eXchange on ITN
Target Launch Date